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Our story

Hey, my name is Emma, the founder of K9-Conduct.  I started working with dogs 15 years ago in a kennels near East Grinstead, I was lucky enough to work with some very talented trainers, this is what fueled my drive to learn more about the four legged companions we so closely share our lives with. Now i spend my days working with owners who want to better their relationship with their dog and overcome behavioural issues. Aswell as working at a dog rescue where we work with dogs from all walks of life to give them the best chance in the future. 

Working with dogs & their owners is truly a huge passion of mine that fuels my drive to always do better and offer the best services possible. 



Helping dogs from all walks of life...

Being able to be involved in the rescue is a huge part of my life. Its a kennel free rescue & the dogs all co-exist with each other. We help dogs who have different pasts & quirks that they need help with. From anxious, nervous, under exposed and more watching them grow in confidence is possibly the most rewarding thing for me. 


Real life training &  behaviour...

My passion for training & behaviour modification stems from wanting dogs & owners to be happier and more comfortable in life. No two dogs are the same, that's why each dog receives their own tailored plan. I use the term 'Real life training & behaviour' as that's just what it is. Too often i have helped people who have been told to avoid rather unavoidable things, here we find the best way to overcome the problem.  I'm not the trainer for you if you want a professional sport dog, high level agility or a bite work champion. I am the trainer for you if you want a well rounded happy pet who can overcome their reactivity to the world and become more confident, or your an owner who wants to improve on your dogs behaviour issues and relationship. 






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