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Here at K9-Conduct we know every dog is different so we offer multiple services for you and your dog to cater for all goals. From lead walking, socialization , reactivity training & everything in-between. Our relationship centered approach ensures you and your dog start living in harmony together. 

Dog Training & Behaviour £50

121 dog training & behaviour modification tailored to suit you and your family's needs. From recall to reactivity and everything in-between. During these sessions we not only train the dog but we ensure you are set up to keep up the good work when we leave & ensure you know why & where the behaviours stem from so you are better equipped to overcome them.. This is for you if you want to change or overcome some of your dogs behaviour. Every dog is different and these sessions explore the best options to help your dog. 

Puppies £35

Getting a puppy is a super exciting period for anyone! Did you know the age you bring your new addition home is one of the most critical learning periods of their development? That' s why its so important to set them up on the right rack from the word go.... That's why we offer discounted puppy 1-2-1 sessions and even have a puppy package that sets you up with all the basics including correct socialization. We also welcome puppies from 4 months on our neutral walks & classes as learning around older dogs is most beneficial for them.

Classes £10-20

Here at k9-Conduct we regularly hold classes, sometimes these are one of work shops that focus on a specific issue. We also hold class courses lasting 4 weeks. Puppies from 4 months are welcome at our classes with the adult dogs as this is most beneficial for your puppies development.  Class and workshop prices vary so contact us with what you are wanting to work on and we can let you know what we think is the best fit for you. For class updates its best to follow our social media or ask to be added to the notification list. 

Training group walks £10-15

Group walk / training walks. These are set up to benefit reactive dogs, over excitable dogs , puppies and just to expose your dogs to different situations. During our walks dogs are kept on lead and these promote your dog being in a neutral state around others, which is highly beneficial for all dogs out there. They help teach self control, listening around distractions as well as different exposure to safely practice things that you struggle with. Our walks always involve a bit of training as well & a large community of like minded owners all at different stages of their journey. 





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